Vaingloriously Not in the Same Vein

I don’t know why people think that being for gay marriage automatically means you aren’t homophobic like literally I know massive amounts of libertarian men who believe that marriage shouldn’t be regulated on a fundamental level but still fetishize the shit out of lesbians and still freak the fuck out whenever they have to share a room with a gay man like literally being for gay marriage just means you think the state shouldn’t allow religious leanings to affect a fundamental constitutional right; there are other steps into becoming educated and not bigoted when it comes to the LGBTQ community.

heading out to central. In the middle of exams.
With my parents coming into town tomorrow.
…This is either a bad life decision or the beginning to a FABULOUS story. 
either way, don’t wait up ;) 

heading out to central. In the middle of exams.

With my parents coming into town tomorrow.

…This is either a bad life decision or the beginning to a FABULOUS story. 

either way, don’t wait up ;) 

yo but if there are any of my followers in the baltimore area heading to central tonight hit me the fuck up pleeeease

Dear White Queer People:

If you see a post about racism

and your immediate response is


You are actually basically actively perpetuating imperialistic ideologies.

Essentially, you are telling a person of color that THEIR EXPERIENCES ARE YOURS.

Here’s the deal:

All Oppression is Not Equivalent. 

Literally these are different reasons for being treated like shit and thus the treatment and experiences varies.

Let me give you a little mind blowing thought:



And I can tell you this:

The racist bullshit I deal with every day

Is not the same

As the heterosexist homophobic shit I deal with every day.

So do not come up to me and say





And while we’re at it, no, you don’t get to say the n-word, or “chink,” or any other racial slur just because you’re gay. 


A queer as fuck Chinese woman who is sick and tired of this bullshit

….I am dying right now. ded.

To Clarify:

1.  There is an enormous difference between being attracted to someone and actually wanting to fuck them

2. Personal and sexual attraction draw from many factors, including physical appearance

3. Saying “I don’t think straight girls are my type” has actually nothing to do with whether or not I think straight girls look a certain way and everything to do with the fact that I don’t want to fuck or date a person that wouldn’t want to fuck or date me 

4. I also feel like this is a defense mechanism on my part because I can’t count how many fucking straight women have come up to me like “OMFG I KNOW YOU LIKE PUSSY BUT I’M SO STRAIGHT I’M SO STRAIGHT BUT LIKE TELL ME IF I’M FUCKABLE TELL ME IF I’M GORGEOUS REASSURE ME WOULD YOU FUCK ME PLEASE” and that’s just so disgusting like no. I will not fuck you even if I find your looks physically attractive. Why? Because you are straight and you don’t actually want me to answer that question; you want me to tell you that you’re hot and stroke your ego. And then when you get drunk enough and want to have some lesbian fling or some shit, you’ll come to me and insist I make out with you in front of a bunch of dudes. I am not your experiment. You do not get to put me on the spot about my sexuality. 

5. It actually makes my vagina crawl to think about having sex with somebody who doesn’t want to have sex with me. That’s how I view straight girls. They. don’t. want. to. have. sex. with. another. woman. How does this make me not queer?

6. lmao “but women come in all shapes and sizes so you’re stereotyping based on looks” what the ever loving fuck. at this point, I’m completely done with most of mainstream feminist tumblr. If I want to date a woman, I want to date a woman who is attracted to other women .I want to fuck a woman who is also attracted to other women. And it’s offensive as fuck for you to say to me, “You’re not really queer if you don’t want to occasionally fuck straight girls.” 

This was originally a response to the whole “Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage but gay ppl “violate the sanctity of marriage” thing, but I can’t find the original post so here you go: Commentary


Because here’s the thing:

Domestic Violence and other things that can destroy marriages are NOT HETEROSEXUAL EXCLUSIVE.

And there’s a lot of pressure within the LGBT community to not talk about domestic violence and divorce and all that, because we “don’t want to add to the negative image of queer people.”

Which is bullshit, really. Because it buys into the whole “model minority” hivemind bullshit.

The point is:

Marriage isn’t about sanctity. It’s about love, financial benefits, and stability. If your marriage isn’t providing you with all of that, it’s not good enough. If you’re not allowed to have those specific marriage-related things, that’s not good enough either, because you’re not being given the same opportunities.

That being said, marriage and divorce rights go hand in hand. Gay people should be able to talk about divorce, too. They should be able to talk about wanting out in relationships. They shouldn’t have to be perfect all the time, and they AREN’T perfect all the time. That’s reality.

I’ve been doing a lot of policy research on this subject and it BUGS, BUGS, BUGS me that queer people (particularly QPOC) feel like talking about this shit would make them “traitors to the cause.”

…went to huff post’s gay voices to research columns on the intersectionality between gay stereotypes and poverty and race

…looked through the columns

…spotted a link to an article called “are straight actors in gay roles the new blackface?”

thinking: are you fucking kidding me?

that is some real white bullshit right there.

Interviewer: What do you think is the difference between marriage to a woman and marriage to a man? [sic]
Vietnam vet, gay, and a father: Other than sex, not a damn thing.