Vaingloriously Not in the Same Vein
Just finished the whole Generation Dead series by Daniel Waters.

So. Many. Feels. 

OK, so for those of you who don’t know, Generation Dead is a young adult fantasy series wherein modern American kids are suddenly rising from the dead (the PC term is differently biotic, “zombie” and other facetious terms like “corpsicle” and “wormburger” are used as slurs and considered offensive). Only teenagers rise from the dead, and nobody knows why. But there’s a lot of legal/social issues presented, mainly in the form of “dead people don’t have any legal rights because they are dead” and also “the living feel that the dead are religiously evil and much discrimination stems from that.”

In a way, it’s very much a metaphor for race/queer sexuality in Modern America. I would say an amalgamation of the two, mainly because 

a) the differently biotic are generally identified by looks/actions/physical appearance.  There is one character (whom I love because of her complexity) that “passes” as traditionally biotic, that is to say, living. There’s a lot entrenched in the wish to be treated as “normal” and to appear living. That’s very much a race-esque issue

b) but at the same time, the whole “religiousity” thing is very much like the whole “gays are causing the wrath of God,” westboro baptist church bullshit. I think Daniel Waters did that because it seems like a probable reaction and also because kids today (at least, white kids) identify more with the gay rights movement, versus the civil rights movement. Oh sigh. 

That being said, I have so much analysis for these books and I’m thinking about writing a series of essays on them but also I have no idea how many people have actually read these books or who would be interested on my commentary on zombies, race, sexuality (oh the sexuality!) and young adult fiction.


Oh fuck it. I’m probably going to do it anyways. 

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    I am so fucking interested. I haven’t read this yet, but it sounds really good and now I want to.
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    i would be highly interested in reading your essays
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