Vaingloriously Not in the Same Vein
I love it when hipsters without musical training or experience bitch about pop music, like “oh, it’s such talentless schmuck! How can anyone listen to that unoriginal bullshit, omg the masses are soooooo stupid!”

Without realizing that:

1. Being a successful pop musician, a la Britney Spears, has about the odds of winning the lottery. And it takes a hell of a lot of work.

2. All successful pop singers take music lessons. As in, singing lessons. As in, they probably know way more about singing and music and chord structure than you ever will. Particularly if you are the type of hipster that “rebels against learning music theory, because it’s more important to just feel the music, you know?”

3. Writing a number one pop hit? really fucking hard. Know why? because it’s not necessarily formulaic.  Sure, you can complain about “omg all songs have the same 4 chords!” and how it’s all “mindless drivel,” but if that were true, EVERYBODY WOULD BE A POP STAR BECAUSE IT WOULD BE TOO EASY.  In reality, writing a catchy song is just as hard (if not harder) than writing the newest “critically acclaimed” indie underground album.  Particularly because, let’s face it, do you really think that the Decemberists or Neutral Milk Hotel actually use more chords than, say, the song “Genie in a Bottle”? Hint: Probably not.

4.  Also, consider the fact that a lot of rap songs actually do a ton of cool sampling and innovative shit involving horns and classical instruments.  Also consider the fact that you will probably never be able to hit a dog whistle type note like Mariah Carey.

5.  In the end, bitching about how mindless and uncreative the music industry is, is just a sad attempt to criticize an industry is actually hugely competitive and fueled by what people like.   

….And, as we all know YOU know from high school…it’s really hard being popular, isn’t it?

Maybe you should think about why you hate pop musicians and song writers.

…Is it because they’ve figured out how to get people to like them, and you’re attempting to be edgy by being racist, ignorant, and dismissive? 

…but maybe I’m just over analyzing here.

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